Populations Unit Remediation

Classwork – Unit packet was worth 125 points.   You may do enough to get to 94/125 (75%) if you have some classwork already in Synergy.  You may do 75/125 (60%) if you did not turn in the packet at all. Select from:

Edpuzzles – Population Ecology (9),   Population Dynamics (7), World Populations (12)

Worksheets – NAIO493-Seven-billion-and-counting (1)   (36)

species_interactions_worksheet (1)  (18)

https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxtcmRldmVyZWF1eHNzY2llbmNlY2xhc3Nlc3xneDoxZWJlOTMwYWIxY2I0MjI3    (12)


Lab activities – Go to https://www.learner.org/courses/envsci/interactives/demographics/

and do data_table_demo (1) populations remediaion for up to 86/115 (75%).  Completion counts!




Week of May 1-5

We will be continuing the Energy unit this week.

Mon 5/1 – Energy Project Presentations and Webquest completion. Homework – Active Readings Energy Resources & Nuclear Energy

Tue 5/2 – Energy Notes and Video with worksheet “Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown” Homework – Home Energy Audit observations

Wed 5/3 – Complete “Inside Japan” video and work on Home Energy Audit questions. Homework – Active Readings Renewable & Alternative Energy

Thur 5/4 – Energy and Resources Groupwork.  Homework – Concept Reviews

Fri 5/5 – Energy Test

Remediation for Unit 2A

This unit had classwork and homework worth 160 points.  You may do remediation up to 120 points if you already have a grade and just need to improve it. If you have a zero you may do up to 96 points.

  1.  Edpuzzles – There are two puzzles on Ecosystems (8 & 9 points), Biogeochemical cycles (13 points) and Bioaccumulation & Biomagnification (4 points).
  2.  Think Tac Toe Unit 2A Remediation
  3.  More Unit 2A Remediation
  4. VirtualOwlPelletDissection – this is worth 20 points

Absolute last day to share/submit is Monday April 17th

Remediation for Unit 1 Introduction

Introduction Unit Grade (out of 130) Remediation – You may only do enough remediation to bring your score to 98 out of 130 if you already have a grade.  If you have zeros you may do enough to get 78 out of 130.   Remember to copy all work to a google doc or office 365, save to the cloud, and share with susan.mccoy@cobbk12.org!!!

  1. The Edpuzzles posted include:  Observation and Inference – 2 of them (5 & 10 points), Stewardship (10 points) , and Tragedy of the Commons (10 points)
  2. Introduction to Environmental Science Study Guide  (50 points)

Spheres Foldable Remediation (30 points):   Spheres Foldable Remediation

Go Fish Tragedy of the Commons Remediation (20 points for notes, 30 points for game played and questions)

10 Tragedy of the Commons on Tragedy of the Commons Presentation Notes2

Tragedy of the Bunnies

Absolute last day for share/submit is Monday, April 17th!


Week of Mar 27-31

We will take the test from Friday to finish Land and will do the Water and Water Pollution part of the next unit this week.

Mon – Unit Test Land, finish Water Notes (4 slides), Water Videos and Home Water Usage Activity.  Homework – Active Readings – Water  Resources and Water Use Management

Tue – Water  Pollution Notes and Groundwater Activity

Wed – Like Oil and Water Lab and Concept Review. Homework – Active Reading – Water  Pollution and Vocabulary KIM

Thur – Video: Gasland with worksheet

Fri – Water Quiz and Video(air) with worksheet

Week of Mar 20-24

We will finish the unit on Land Use, Food & Agriculture, and Mining & Minerals this week.

Mon – City Planning Activity (Round 2:)

Tue – City Planning Activity (Round 2:)

Wed – National Park Dinner Menu

Thur – Multiple Reviews including concept review and Kahoot

Fri – Unit Test

Week of March 13-17

We will continue the Land Use unit this week.

Mon – Food & Agriculture notes, Think Tac Toe – Food & Agriculture

Tue – Soil Worksheet, Mining & Mineral Notes, Think Tac Toe Mining and Minerals

Wed – Soil Inquiry Lab

Thur – Rocks and Minerals Lab

Fri – Cookie Mining Lab

Week of Mar 6-10

We will finish the Populations Unit and begin the Land Unit this week.

Mon:   Unit Test: Populations

Tue:   Future City Needs Brainstorm and Notes – Land  Use

Wed:   Vocabulary-City Planning Terms and DE videos

Thur:  City Planning Activity

Fri:  City Planning Activity Continued